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I am interested in the governance of energy transitions and urban sustainability issues. This concerns public policy as much as institutional design, business models and collaboration across government, industry, research institutions and society. My research style is mostly empirical studies based on theoretical frameworks that come from various social science various fields such as sustainability transitions, public policy, innovation studies and political science. Since I have lived in Japan for 12 years my research largely focuses on energy issues in this country. However, I also examine governance strategies in other countries like America, Europe and China. I speak and read Japanese and am currently learning Chinese. I always strive to use these languages as much as possible when gathering data to improve the accuracy of my research. Below are some of the current projects I am working on. 


Hydrogen society and fuel-cell vehicles governance

Many countries such as Japan, Korea, China, California and Europe are looking to hydrogen to help de-carbonise the transport and industrial sector and help the further diffusion of renewable energy. I am currently researching about strategies used in Japan, California and Germany to diffuse fuel-cell vehicles and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy with hydrogen.



Coal power and divestment governance

While many countries across the world are moving to phase out coal power as part of climate change mitigation efforts, Japan has made the decision to maintain and modernize its fleet of coal power stations while exporting this technology to other countries. At the same time, many Japanese corporations are reducing investments in coal power and coal mining and trying to increase renewables businesses. My research examines the complex policy and economic factors that are influencing Japan’s domestic and international coal market and focuses on government policy and the behavior and governance of private firms.  



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