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Please also refer to my ORCID page or Google Scholar page. If you cannot access an article, please email me and I can provide a pre-print copy. 

Journal articles (peer reviewed) 学術論文(査読つき)​​​

  1. Truong, N., Trencher, G., Yarime, M., Barrett, B. & Matsubae, K. 2024. Barriers to the adoption of electric cars and electric motorcycles in Vietnam. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 131, 104204. **Access**

  2. Trencher, G., Okubo, Y., and Mori, A. (2024) Phasing out carbon not coal? Identifying coal lock-in sources in Japan’s power utilities. Climate Policy (in press) **Access**

  3. Barrett, B., Trencher, G., Truong, N., Ohta, H. (2024) How can cities achieve accelerated systemic decarbonization? Analysis of six frontrunner cities. Sustainable Cities and Society. 100: 105000. **Access**

  4. Bustamante, M., (…) Trencher, G. (75 authors listed alphabetically). Ten New Insights in Climate Science 2023/2024. Global Sustainability. (in press) DOI:10.1017/sus.2023.25 **Access**

  5. Duygan, M., Aya, K., Temocin, P.,, Trencher, G., (2023) A tale of two coal regimes: What strategies do actors use to destabilise or maintain socio-technical regimes in Germany and Japan? Energy Research and Social Science, 5.  **Access**

  6. Trencher, G., Blondeel, M. and Asuka, J. (2023). Do all roads lead to Paris? Comparing pathways to net-zero by BP, Shell, Chevron and ExxonMobil. Climatic Change, 176, 83. **Access** **Free view-only version*
    ==> Coverage in media of above article: : Carbon Brief

  7.  Trencher, G., Rinscheid, A., Rosenbloom, D., Florentine, K., Truong, N. & Temocin, P. (2023). "The evolution of “phase-out” as a bridging concept for sustainability: from pollution to climate change". One Earth, 6  **Free access (until Aug 24)**

  8. Edianto, A., Trencher, G., Manych, N., & Matsubae, K. (2023). Forecasting coal power plant retirement ages and lock-in with random forest regression. Patterns, 0, 100776. **Open access**

  9. Nakazawa, T., Satoh, K., Trencher, G., Tatsumi, T., Hasegawa, K (2023)., Net-zero carbon declarations by Japanese local governments: What caused the domino-like diffusion? Review of Policy Research 1-41 **Open access**

  10.  中澤高師、Trencher, G., 辰巳智行、長谷川公一(2023)「気候変動政策の転換と2050年CO2排出量実質ゼロ宣言:垂直的波及と水平的波及の連鎖」『土木学会論文集』79( 4). **Access**

  11. Trencher, G., Rinscheid, A., Rosenbloom, D. & Truong, N. (2022). The rise of phase-out as a critical decarbonisation approach: A systematic review. Environmental Research Letters, 17, 123002. **Open access**

  12. Trencher, G., Wesseling, J. (2022) Roadblocks to fuel-cell electric vehicle diffusion: Evidence from Germany, Japan and California. Transportation Research Part D. 112**Access**

  13. Trencher, G. (2022) Japan’s bet on hydrogen cars needs a jump-start. East Asia Forum. (Japan’s bet on hydrogen cars needs a jump-start (13 April). **Open access**

  14. Li M, Trencher G, Asuka J (2022) The clean energy claims of BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell: A mismatch between discourse, actions and investments. PLoS ONE 17(2): e0263596. **Open access**

    ==> Coverage in media of above article: The Guardian UK, National People's Radio USA, ABC News Australia, Carbon Brief England. LA Times, USA ==> Coverage in Nature Energy: here


  15. Truong, N., Trencher, G., Matsubae, K., (2022). How Does Socio-Technical Lock-In Cause Unsustainable Consumption in Cities? A Framework and Case Study on Mobility in Bangkok. Frontiers in Sustainable Cities 4. **Open access**

  16. Edianto, A., Trencher, G., Matsubae, K. (2021) "Why do some countries receive more international financing for coal-fired power plants than renewables? Influencing factors in 23 countries". Energy for Sustainable Development 66: 177-188. **Open access**

  17. Trencher, G., Truong, N., Temocin, P., Duygan, M. (2021) “Top-down sustainability transitions in action: How do incumbent actors drive electric mobility diffusion in China, Japan, and California?”. Energy Research and Social Science 79: 102184 **Open access**

  18. Sakuma, N., Trencher, G., Yarime, M., Onuki, M. (2021) A comparison of smart city research and practice in Sweden and Japan: trends and opportunities identified from a literature review and co-occurrence network analysis. Sustainability Science. 16: 1777–1796. **Access**

  19. Trencher, G., Edianto, A.  (2021) “Drivers and Barriers to the Adoption of Fuel Cell Passenger Vehicles and Buses in Germany". Energies, 14(4): 833.  **Open access**

  20. Fan, Y., Trencher, G., Yamanaka, Y. (2021) “Arrival briefings as an effective interpretation strategy in tourist destinations: The case of Daisetsuzan National Park, Japan”. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 33, 100363. **Access** . 

  21. 辰巳智行、中澤高師、佐藤圭一、野澤淳史、池田和弘、喜多川進、小西雅子、トレンチャー・グレゴリー、平尾桂子、長谷川公一(2020)「地方自治体の2050年二酸化炭素排出実質ゼロ宣言:気候変動政策に関する自治体調査から」『情報学研究』26: p. 1-22.   **Open access**

  22. Trencher, G., Rinscheid, A., Duygan, M., Truong, N., Asuka, J. (2020) "Revisiting carbon lock-in in energy systems: Explaining the perpetuation of coal power in Japan". Energy Research and Social Science. 69, 101770. **Open access**

  23. Trencher, G. (2020) "Accelerating the production and diffusion of fuel cell vehicles: Experiences from California". Energy Reports 6: 2503-2519. **Open access**

  24. Kurniawan, R., Trencher, G. Edianto, A. Setiawan, I., Matsubae, K. (2020) Understanding the multi-faceted drivers of increasing coal consumption in Indonesia, Energies 13(14): **Access**

  25. Trencher, G. Taeihagh, A., Yarime, M. (2020) Overcoming Barriers to Developing and Diffusing Fuel-Cell Vehicles: Governance Strategies and Experiences in Japan. Energy Policy, 142. **Access**

  26. Trencher, G. Downie, C. Asuka, J., Hasegawa, R. (2020) Divestment Trends in Japan’s International Coal Businesses. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews**Access**

  27. Trencher, G., N. Healy, K. Hasegawa, Asuka, A. (2019) “Discursive resistance to phasing out coal-fired electricity: Narratives in Japan's coal regime”. Energy Policy, 132, 782-796. **Access**

  28. Trencher, G., J. Van der Heijden, J. (2019) “Contradictory but also complementary: National and local imaginaries in Japan and Fukushima around transitions to hydrogen and renewables” Energy Research & Social Science, 49, 209-218. **Access**

  29. Trencher, G., Van der Heijden, J. (2019) “Instrument interactions and relationships in policy mixes: Achieving complementarity in building energy efficiency policies in New York, Sydney and Tokyo”. Energy Research & Social Science, 54, 34-45. **Access**

  30. Ohara, N. Yamanaka, Y. Trencher, G. (2019) “Understanding Nature through Photography: Empirical Analysis of the Intents of Nature Photographers”. Environmental Communication 13(8): 1053-1068. **Access**

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  36. Trencher, G., Nagao, M., Chen, C., Yarime, M. (2017) “Implementing sustainability co-creation between universities and society: A typology based understanding”. Sustainability 9(4), 594. **Access**

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  45. Yarime, M. & Trencher, G. (2014) “Creating innovation for solving societal challenges: An analysis of stakeholder collaborations and social experiments”. Journal of Science Policy and Research Management, 29 (2/3): 118-131.
    鎗目, M., トレンチャー, G. 2014.「社会的課題の解決に向けたイノベーションの創出:ステークホルダー連携と社会実験の分析」『研究 技術 計画』29 (2/3): 118-131.**Access(和文)**


  46. Kharrazi, A., Yarime, M. and Trencher, G. (2014). “Sustainability and the Robust Delivery of Resources”. In: Passerini, G. and Brebbia, C. A. (Eds.) WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment II, Wessex Institute of Technology Press, 181: 543-550. **Access**

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Book chapters 本の一章

  1. Rinscheid, A., Trencher, G., Rosenbloom, D. (2023) “Phase-out as a policy approach to address sustainability challenges.” In: Koretsky, Z., Stegmaier, P., Turnheim, B., van Lente, H. (Eds). Technologies in Decline: Socio-Technical Approaches to Discontinuation and Destabilisation. Routledge: London and New York (p. 217-240). **Open access**

  2. Trencher, G., Karvonen, A. (2018) Innovating for an aging society: Insights from Japanese smart cities. In: Karvonen, A., Cugurullo, F., Caprotti F (eds) Inside Smart Cities: Place, Politics and Urban Innovation. Routledge: London. pp. 258-274. **Access**

  3. Trencher, G., Geissler, A., Yamanaka, Y. (2018). “15-years and still living: The Basel Pilot Region laboratory and Switzerland’s pursuit of a 2000-Watt Society”. In Urban Living Labs: Experimentation and Socio‐technical Transitions, Eds. S. Marvin, H. Bulkeley, Q. Mai & K. McCormick, 167-188. London: Routledge. **Access**

  4. Trencher, G., Rosenberg Daneri, D., McCormick, K., Terada, T., Petersen, P. Yarime, M., Kiss, B. (2016). “The role of students in the co-creation of knowledge and societal transformations towards sustainability: Experiences from Lund, Tokyo and Ohio.” In: Filho, W.L. (ed) Engaging Stakeholders in Education for Sustainable Development at the University Level. Springer: Switzerland. pp. 191-215. **Access**(Peer reviewed 査読あり)

  5. Trencher, G., Bai, X. (2016). “The role of university partnerships in urban sustainability experiments: Evidence from Asia.” In: Brauch, G., Spring, U., Grin, J. et al. (Eds.) Handbook on Sustainability Transition and Sustainable Peace. Springer: Switzerland. pp. 631-654. **Access**(Peer reviewed 査読あり)

Media articles and opinion メディア・学術雑誌における総説

  1. Mozafari, M.,Trencher, G., A. Beynaghi. 2016. “Returning blue skies to Iran.” Science. 352(6292): 1404. **Access** 

  2. Trencher, G., Yarime, M. 2012. "Universities Co-creating Urban Sustainability." Our World (United Nations University) **Access** 
    トレンチャー G. 2012. 「大学とともに創造する都市の持続可能性」『Our World (国連大学) **Access (和文)** 


  3. Trencher, G. 2012. "Climate Change: What Happens After 2100?" Our World (United Nations University) **Access** 
    トレンチャー, G. 2011. 「2100年以後の気候変動はどうなるだろうか」『Our World (国連大学) 』**Access (和文)** 


  1. Trencher, G. 2011. "OS Homo Sapiens 2.0: New Human Software Coming Soon?" Our World (United Nations University) May 30. **Access** 
    トレンチャー, G. 2011. 「人類のソフトウェア もうすぐ更新へ」『Our World (国連大学) 』**Access (和文)** 

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