Students in my laboratory are conducting research about the governance and policy dimensions of energy and sustainability challenges using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative techniques from the social sciences. Students learn to integrate empirical research with theoretical frameworks from a variety of fields such as sustainability transitions, innovation studies and political science. Current students are currently working on topics related to coal power, renewable energy, urban sustainability and sustainable transport. 



Members  学生の紹介

Nhi TRUONG Doctoral Candidate (Joined October 2019)

Nhi is currently researching socio-technical lock-in factors that affect urban consumption and mobility. The theoretical part of her research has combined socio-technical systems and urban consumption to propose a framework that explains unsustainable urban consumption behavior. In addition, she is presently using this framework to learn about the situation of low adoption of electric vehicles in Vietnam, comparing the factors that hamper the diffusion of both electric two wheelers and electric four wheelers. 

Nhi previously worked as a Vice Director of the Center of Social and Community Development Research and Consultancy (SDRC) and a researcher of the Center of Regional and Urban Studies (CRUS) in Vietnam, and as a researcher at the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand. 

Achmed EDIANTO Doctoral candidate (Joined October 2019)

Achmed is currently researching about the policy, market and environmental conditions that affect international investments in coal-fired electricity and renewable energy. The focus of this research is on using statistical analysis to elucidate the factors that have affected investments from China, Japan and Korea for power generation projects in a sample of some 25 countries.  


Before coming to Japan, Achmed worked as a program coordinator/specialist at World Wide Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia in the climate and energy program. In this role, Achmed mostly worked on energy issues, sustainable finance, sustainable infrastructure, and social development. Prior to that, Achmed was a researcher in the Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE). 



Mei LI Doctoral candidate (Joined October 2019, joint supervision with Dr. Asuka JUSEN)

Mei is currently researching the low-carbon transition of international oil and gas majors, the principal suppliers of fossil fuels to the global economy. Responding to climate change pressures, some majors are proclaiming themselves on the way to a green transition by pledging numerous strategies, including investment in renewable energy and other low-carbon technologies. This research aims to objectively determine the extent to which the major oil companies are actually divesting from fossil fuels and transitioning towards clean energy, as well as identifying the transition risks they are facing. It is expected the outcomes from this research would be helpful to understand the compatibility of the oil industry’s behavior and its alignment with global climate objectives to achieve a carbon free future. The methodology can also allow the public to track the actions of fossil fuel companies in this transition. 


Mei previously worked as a college lecturer in China where she joined an environmental economic project about the mitigation of carbon emissions in Zhejiang Province. 

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